"In Hawaii, concern rises about use of farm pesticides"

After the Guardian piece, I published this one focused on the situation in Maui.


"Pesticides in paradise: Hawaii’s spike in birth defects puts focus on GM crops"

Hawaii has become the epicenter of GMO corn development and testing, which involves a far greater use of pesticides than commercial corn agriculture. Attempts to rein in the companies have largely failed. Read more about it here.


"Bigeye Tuna Remains on Hawaii’s Menu — But for How Long?"

The Pacific’s once-abundant bigeye tuna, the main species known here as ahi, is being fished to the brink of collapse — like the cod, the sturgeon and the bluefin tuna before it — and the Obama administration doesn’t seem to care, scientists say.



Despite concerns from fisheries scientists, President Obama scaled back a proposal to expand federal protection around the most remote Hawaiian Islands.


Fence Is Behind an Explosion of Life in a Wild Corner of Hawaii

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