"Dolphin story in Le Figaro"

This is the sixth and last article on New Zealand dolphins stemming from my recent trip.Dolphin Figaro as ran

"Dolphin opinion piece in New Zealand Geographic"

This is the second piece on New Zealand’s dysfunctional fishery management and one of its victims, the Maui dolphin.Dolphin NZG proof

"Dolphin Science as ran"

This is the first of a series of articles on the looming extinction of the Maui dolphin, which is down to 60 individuals from 2,000 in the 1970s. The dolphins get entangled in fishermen’s nets and drown, and the government is putting the fishermen first and then lying about the continuing toll.NZ dolphin Science as ran

"Forbidden catch: Chasing the toothfish pirates of the Southern Ocean"

Last summer, the Royal New Zealand Navy ventured far from its beaten path into the iceberg-strewn waters off East Antarctica. There, it found three pirate ships illegally fishing Antarctic toothfish—a deep-dwelling favourite of top chefs, a fishery worth nearly $600 million. What followed was a four-month chase also involving Australian authorities and two vessels of the direct-action organisation Sea Shepherd. By the end, five pirate ships were detained and one lay at the bottom of the sea, sunk in suspicious circumstances.


Read more here: Toothfish as ran NZG

"Foreign Policy: The Hunt for the Last Chilean Sea Bass Poachers"

They were the few ships left of what was once one of the most lucrative illegal fishing operations in history. An inside look at the high seas chases that may have brought them down for good.

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"First story: the sinking of the Thunder"

Toothfish Thunder sinking

After an unprecedented four-month chase, a Spanish-owned pirate fishing vessel sank itself.


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